An MP3 About Jon Stewart

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I am a big fan of Jon Stewart, as you may have noticed from this post. I think he’s whip-smart, makes great points and has fun in the process. And he’s very respectful of the guests when they come on The Daily Show.

But when he’s on other shows…well…

So rewind with me to October 2004. Jon Stewart confronts Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson on Crossfire and the blogosphere goes wild. At the same time I’m messing around with a music authoring program on my Mac called Garageband. I get ahold of a file of the show and start importing the audio from it into Garageband.

The result? A salute to a guy who’s not afraid to confront the hacks on their own turf.

Listen, enjoy and share it with your friends. I think you can also download it by doing a right click and “save as”.

And just in case you’re wondering, the main instrument I used was a didjeridu. I’m sure Duncan will appreciate that.