Does The Nation Want A More Conservative SCOTUS?

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I’ve just recently seen a Gallup Poll conducted in the middle of June asking over at Redstate.org. It asks what kind of SCOTUS they’d like to see: more conservative, more liberal or keep it the same.

The results showed that 41% wanted it more conservative, 30% wanted it more liberal and 24% wanted it to stay the same. And the other 5%, well…they like macaroni. Don’t ask.

Now, this could be read a couple different ways. The elephants will say that 65% of the country either wants a more conservative court or no change. The donkeys will say that 54% of the country either wants a more liberal court or no change. But I’d like to point out that neither side has a majority, but the needle does seem to be favoring a more conservative court, by 11% no less. Sure, that could be an anamoly so let’s wait for subsequent polls to even out the results before we draw any concrete conclusions.

However, in the same poll, people were asked about whether they wanted a justice that would overturn Roe v. Wade. They overwhelmingly said they wanted the new justice to uphold it by 65% to 29%.

Let’s hope Bush keeps that last set of numbers in mind when choosing a nominee.