Bush And Gas Don’t Mix

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A new poll by ABC News shows that people are pissed about gas prices:

At home, opinions on gasoline prices are even more dire. Just 22 percent approve of Bush’s work on the problem, while a whopping 73 percent disapprove. Two-thirds say gas prices are causing them financial hardship â€â€? back up after a dip last week â€â€? and six in 10 think the Bush administration could take measures to cut the price of gas.

That view seems to run contrary to Bush’s comment Monday: “I wish I could snap my fingers and lower the price of gasoline for you. The markets don’t work that way. I’d be snappin’ if I could do it.”

What are your thoughts? Are we being too hard on Bush or are gas prices really out of control? I’ve heard from many of my liberal friends that gas prices should be higher.

Do you agree?