Germany In Crisis!!!

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The title is purposefully dramatic because I wanted to highlight what the recent elections in Germany actually mean for their government. In short, the situation is not as dire as the media portrays it.

Simply put, it means that the two big parties in Germany will have to actually (gasp!) work together!!!

OH NO!!!

From Jeff Anderson:

First of all, a necessary caution about historical parallels. Although the media have been quick to use loaded terms like ‘crisis’ and ‘chaos’, the fact is that Berlin is not Weimar. Actually, Berlin is looking a lot more like Rome these days. Three decades ago, the Federal Republic was the epitome of the stable ‘two and one-half’ party system, in which power alternated between strong political parties of the left and right, mediated by a capable, small centrist coalition partner. Those idyllic days are long gone. The parliament resulting from this election will hold five political parties (six if you count the Bavarian CSU separately, which Bavarians typically do). And the numbers just do not add up to an obvious, stable governing majority. It must be kept firmly in mind, though, that if this is in fact chaos or crisis, it is one neatly confined to party elites.

Definitely read the whole post.