School Vouchers And Hurricane Katrina

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What do those two things have in common?

Well, apparently the U.S. Department of Education thinks that some of the students who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina should go to the private, religious schools that they attended before the Hurricane hit. They even saw fit to put a $488 million school voucher proposal into the possible $200 billion Hurricane Katrina aid bill.

From the Palm Beach Post:

The proposal, which to this point is formalized only to the level of a few paragraphs in a press release, would give families displaced by the storm as much as $7,500 per child to spend on a private school, including a religious school, for the coming year.

Listen, I think it’s understandable the government has considered this, but it’s not their job to make sure these students get a private, religious education.

And these children certainly have my sympathy, but let them get their religion at church for the time being.

(HT: Political Wire)