Evangelicals Against Torture

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Recently we had a pretty spirited debate about religion at my post about Paul Hackett. Once you read the post, you’ll understand the title, but the comments about religion are certainly very interesting.

Now I read about one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers, and how he/she is speaking out

I teach at a university that identifies itself with the evangelical tradition, and this week students organized forums and protests on the issue of torture, and that offers some hope as well. But I realize that these recent examples do not make up for the fact that most evangelicals have allied themselves with a government and a Republican Party that sees itself above the law, considers secrecy and deceit as standard procedure, undermines its moral authority through the use of torture, and wallows in corruption and greed. The moral compromises here, facilitated by an unhealthy obsession with issues of the culture wars, corrode the soul of the evangelical movement and bring shame to the name of Christ.”

Indeed. Please go to Sullivan’s site and read the whole thing.