Ignoring Rape In Iraq

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Jeezus, this is heartbreaking stuff.

“It was out of control,” [Col. Janis] Karpinski told a group of students at Thomas Jefferson School of Law last October. There was an 800 number women [soldiers] could use to report sexual assaults. But no one had a phone, she added. And no one answered that number, which was based in the United States. Any woman who successfully connected to it would get a recording. Even after more than 83 incidents were reported during a six-month period in Iraq and Kuwait, the 24-hour rape hot line was still answered by a machine that told callers to leave a message.

So it’s understandable then that female soldiers were afraid to leave their barracks at night for fear of being raped by their male counterparts. What was their solution? Don’t go to the bathroom. Yes…simply don’t go to the bathroom.

And to make sure they didn’t have to go they stopped drinking liquids at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Unfortunately, you need to keep well hydrated in a desert climate or face the serious consequences of dehydration…one of which is death.

And what happened when our female soldiers started dying from dehydration? Well, Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez ordered that the cause of their death be kept secret. Yes, that Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez.

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