For All You Dog Lovers…The Cat Piano

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Apparently it pokes the cats and gets them to meow. Heh.

Calm down, it was built back in 1650, so it’s not around anymore. Well, until I build a new one.

More at Gizmodo.

  • Meredith

    So, does the piano actually make noise, or do you just have to get cats with different notes in their meows? What about sharps and flats?

    You are a real sicko Justin. Frank and Bunny just wanted me to tell you that they now have concerns about me leaving you alone with them.

  • Jonathon York

    Seems a lot like it would appeal to cat lovers too. No. Really. Many cat lovers I know joke about the unspeakable horrors they imagine befalling cats–some natural, others (like the above) manufactured.
    For my own part I have a cat, have grown up around cats, and can honestly say that the Cat Piano tickled me. Kind of like the Kitten Pie scene in _Young Einstein_…

  • Meredith

    Actually, I have to admit that I lied. Frank is definitely concerned, but Bunny actually told me that she would find your contraption “thrilling.” I didn’t ask her what she meant by that, but you do the math . . . .