Leadership PACs

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I came across an interesting article about Governor Warner contributing money to other candidates.

Apparently there are several hundred leadership PACs on records, several with more than a few million dollars. These are PACs controlled by Candidates so they can help out the campaigns of allies. Hilliary has one that is very active, as does McCain. These may lead us to one of the more expedient paths for Centrists to influence elections: Contributing to the PACs that Contribute to the Centrists. Imagine if we encouraged the community of moderate voters to direct contributions to the leading Centrist candidates and those of the DLC PAC, Republican Main Street Partnership PAC, It’s my party too PAC. We can start by concentrating on the close elections.

Or of course you can contribute directly to the Centrist of your choice. My point is that Centrists can’t get elected without raising the large amounts of money as their ideologically more extreme opponents. I gave $500 to Warner’s Forward Together PAC