Fighting Keyboardists Want You

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Join the 101st Fighting Keyboardists. They’ve even got a spiffy logo. If you haven’t seen the term before, you haven’t read the left side blogs (or seen left-side comments on everyone else’s blog). It’s the contemptuous term for anyone who writes and publishes in support of the War on Islamist Terrorists but who isn’t actually boots on the ground in Iraq or Afghanistan.

It sort of a specialized form of the “chickenhawk” insult, which also figures in the new outfit:

When we looked into it, it turns out that the chicken hawk is a pretty impressive predator. It’s the largest of its family. This species vigorously defends its territory, getting even more aggressive when the conditions get harshest. It adapts to all climates. Most impressively, it feeds on chickens, mice, and rats.

Make of that what you will.

Of course, anyone who remembers the old Foghorn Leghorn cartoons already knew that bit of ornithology.

Over on the pessimistic, illiberal left, they have an insult for everyone. Arrogant calumny sputters from their fingertips like magic sparks in a Harry Potter novel. For instance the contemptuous leftist term for people, like me, who got a world-view jolt on Sept. 11, it’s “bedwetters.” Lovely people on the ad hominem Left.