Moral Courage

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Reader_i_am writes:

Not long ago, I made the mistake of bringing up the concept of moral courage in a comments section elsewhere. Almost immediately, that idea was dismissed, even pooh-poohed, and I assume it was because the word “moralâ€Â? is immediately associated with religion and petty “moralism.” But moral courage isn’t about that (although, at its best, religion can, and I think should, promote it). Moral courage is an ethical construct, a way of approaching the world and our core responsibilities in it that transcend any particular religion or time or place. It defines us as thinking human beings who can face not just our physical fears (which are predicated on failure) but our ethical ones (which are predicated on success).

Do you recognize the woman in the picture? Ayaan Hirsi Ali is moral courage personified. And she suffers for it, but not just from the bullies.