FEMA, Please Don’t Forget Katrina Victims

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From the comments section of a recent post about FEMA woes, we find these comments.

First, Lena Wichterich says:

I AM SOOOO ANGRY!!!! just like everyone else, my parents and I have lost everything and it’s been 8 mths and we still feel like it happened yesterday! Of course I got my measily ten thousand for my house from FEMA( which doesn’t even begin to cover the content and of course, could never replace my pictures of my family and so forth), but my parents STILL have recieved nothing! And to top it off, I am getting screwed by my insurance and mortgage company(both are pointing fingers at eachother and neither want to pay for the losses) What happen to our great and powerful country coming to our rescue? Where is the money when we need it most? I’ll tell you where it is- THE CROOKED poloticians of LOUISIANA have taken it and spent it on their million dollars homes and cars! At this point, I have no faith in our state or our country to handle internal crisis.

Then, we have Sami, who says:

I would like to comment on Lena’s message. You are right on with everything that you said. My family and I have had to relocate to Indiana from Louisiana after Katrina. My son was only 4 months old when the hurricane hit and like everyone else we lost everything. We got less than $800 from Red Cross and we got 2 checks from FEMA for approx. $3000, but how far do they think that really goes? We have had to replace everything … clothes for 3 people (one of which is outgrowing clothes everyday), food, shelter, pots to cook that food, detergent to wash your clothes, electricity, a phone … the basic things are not even covered with that. And we are supposed to get help from FEMA for 18 months with rental assistance and now they are telling us (only 8 months later) that our assistance is ending. Where has all the funding and taxes that we have paid and donations that were given gone to???

And last we have “pbrim”, who speaks about a problem with those FEMA trailers once again:

A woman from FEMA called me several days ago and made an appointment to recertify me for my FEMA trailer. I asked her how long I would be allowed to live in the trailer and she told me until my house was able to be lived in. I was told that I would be allowed to live in the trailer for 18 months or until my house was finished. FEMA is not telling people that the 18 months starts on the date the Hurricane Katrina struck land and not 18 months from your recieving the trailer. Some people have not even gotten a trailer yet or have just revieved one and little do they know that on February 28,2007 they will be out on the street. All of thoses trailers are still parked in lots on the side of the highway and another hurricane season is approaching. What is going to happen to the people that still have nothing after 9 months of cleanup. I went to Chalmette yesterday for the first time since Katrina. There are still houses blocking streets and everything is about the same as it was 8 months ago. The horrible stench of muck and everything wet is still in the air. My heart goes out to these residents. I thought I had it bad until I saw all of this with my own eyes. The military assistance that was here in Louisiana after the storm has been gone for quite awhile. People that came dowm here as public servants have all gone home, back to their own lives. When do we get a chance to have our lives back???Katrina took it all away and there is no help at all from the state or federal officials. WE HAVE ALL BEEN FORGOTTEN HERE!!!!!!!!

Well, maybe they’ve forgotten you , but we certainly haven’t. I just wish there was more we could do. Highlighting the problem is the first step. Government pressure is the next. A call or note to your Congressperson may do wonders.

Follow this link to find your representative. Then point them to this post and tell them that FEMA shouldn’t be leaving these people behind.