“A Declaration of Independence …

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… from Politics Without Purpose” is the new Web-based centrist juggernaut Unity08’s ringing challenge to polarizers of both parties. Read it. Sign it. And tell your friends and family.

It’s short and punchy, as befits an age short of both time and attention span.

It’s short and testy, as befits the frustration of the massive majority of this country with nyah-nyah politics. A terrier snap and snarl of self-defense, along with a friendly tail-wag: here we stand, we’re not being shoved mindlessly right or left anymore.

Here it is (click to enlarge):


Sign it now. It’s the most patriotic act you could perform for this 4th of July — if you care passionately about taking back our economy’s health, our national security, and our kids’ future from being merely the football in the red and blue teams’ power game.

Partisans sneeringly dismiss centrists as not having conviction, unity, or muscle. Here’s your chance to prove them wrong. One thing talks in this media-driven mass society, and that’s NUMBERS. Numbers mean money — the possibility of raising many millions democratically, in small contributions — and numbers mean votes. Mustering numbers NOW is crucial to attracting world-class candidates to the bipartisan/nonpartisan presidential ticket Unity08 plans to run two years from now. Mustering numbers also holds out the last chance of scaring the existing parties back to their senses and the center so that a third ticket won’t even be necessary.

Unity08 is barely a month old, so they’ve set a ridiculously modest goal: to present the Declaration with just 10,000 signatures to the four leaders of Congress by July 7. We ought to overwhelm that number. This is a crucial tipping point — this is where we prove or disprove that uniters can rival the mobilizing passion of the dividers; that saving the country is a goal even more rousing and motivating than destroying the other team.

So after you sign the Declaration, pass it on to as many people as you can, and tell them to pass it on. This is a demonstration — and it could be the most important demonstration you’ll ever attend.