What To Do With Iran?

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I like Bull Moose’s idea…regime change the right way:

Now is the time to move for tough sanctions on Iran. Unfortunately, there is little hope that China or Russia will support cracking down on the mullahs. But, there are other non military tools to get tough with Teheran.

Why don’t Democrats publicly and aggressively call for non-military support for the Iranian opposition and peaceful regime change? Democrats could even find conservative allies in providing aid to Iranian workers and civil rights activists, as we did during the cold war. Can’t Democrats support the democratic opposition to jihadist tyranny?

I do think that the Dems hesitancy to really come out strong against Iran will ultimately hurt them in the fall and beyond. Bull Moose presents one idea here, and it’s a smart one…for 2002. See, if we had used our post-9/11 good will and played it smart, we may have been able to convince the Iranian people to promote democracy and change their system. Hell, we may have convinced the entire Middle East. But we didn’t do that. Instead we wanted to force democracy onto Iraq, and subsequently wasted one of the only opportunities we’ll ever have to convince Muslims that their religion has been hijacked by mad men.

Still, should the Dems come out strong against Iran and call for peaceful, democratic, legal overthrow? Sure. What could it hurt?