Joe Lieberman’s Tricky Tightrope

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Joe Gandelman of The Moderate Voice has the lowdown:

Not a day goes by when there isn’t a new batch of news and blog stories detailing how Lieberman is being embraced by or seemingly embracing the Republican party.

His big problem: so many GOP party elites are in effect endorsing him by not embracing the GOP’s official candidate that in the eyes of his growing legion of critics he has become â€â€? in media eyes, at the very least â€â€? the defacto Republican candidate.

Again, I said so before in the post “The White House Endorses Ned Lamont”, I find the Republican’s backing of Lieberman to be completely disingenuous. You and I both know that if Lieberman had won the primary, Republicans would be showing no love for Lieberman. But given this opportunity, they see a chance to hand Ned Lamont a win and paint the Democrats weak on defense.

Joe, just a tip, but you would do well to stay as far away from the Repubs’ official or defacto endorsements as possible. Distance yourself from both parties. Run on a truly independent platform that gives Connecticut voters a true third way.

In short, show us something we haven’t seen in a while.