Commit A Crime, Get A Job

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While I applaud the intentions of the following program, it almost seems unfair that the state is putting resources toward getting criminals jobs when I’m sure their are non-criminals who would desperately like a job.

From NPR:

Instead of jail, judges in Lancaster County, Pa., have a new option for sentencing criminals: Get a job and keep it. The Job Court connects people convicted of certain crimes with supervised employment.

The theory is that a regular schedule and a regular paycheck can help some people go straight. The initiative, believed to be the first of its kind in the country, was prompted by an urge to get chronic offenders to change their lifestyles — and stay out of jail. […]

While the program does allow for — if not expect — a certain degree of failure, each participant signs a contract, and agrees to adhere to rigid guidelines. They then are available to work a variety of jobs set up by Lancaster County, from construction to temp jobs.

Again, I hope they match this program with something that helps the law abiding even more. But something tells me…