Newt Gets Lame On Foley Scandal

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“Democratic sex scandals have been far worse.”

That’s a quote from Newt Gingrich. Jeez, what a hacky thing to say. That line is dizzy with spin.

Also, there’s this odd bit of logic that has I’ve never heard suggested, but I can bet you that if people DID want to wiretape Foley, they’d have gone through the right channels instead of just doing it illegally.

“It’s pretty hard to understand. The very people who say you shouldn’t be wiretapping for terrorists apparently think you should wiretap a congressman. I don’t understand the double standard,” Gingrich said.

Anything to keep the GOP in power, eh Newt?

PoliBlog points out something that I forgot…

It is just me, but didn’t Gingrich give up the right to talk about the hypocrisy of others on matter of sexual behavior after leading the charge to impeach Clinton over the Lewinsky affair while he himself was having an affair with a younger staffer?

Well, he certainly didn’t give up the right, but he has zero credibility on matters like these.

In other words…pot, meet kettle.

  • ES

    Does “hypocrisy of the sex scandal” cover adultery? Interesting to see people living in glass houses carrying around big stones to throw at someone else’s glass home.

    As Andrew Sullivan put it in the most basic denominator either today or yesterday, when is it possible to talk about IEDs and not IMs?

  • rachel

    “Newt, Newt, he was a hoot:
    A bit of a bully, a bit of a brute.
    His voice was loud and his eyes were wierd,
    And a few years ago, he just disappeared…”

    Newt not only cheated on his wife, he left his wife while she was gravely ill in the hospital with cancer. I haven’t been able to think of any Democrat who’s sunk lower than that.

    IOW, STFU, Newt

  • Stephen

    Talk about Newt cheating on his wife misses the point… the politics of “in-groups” attacking “out-groups” always have to involve flawed people making the attack. Imagine if Hitler was 6′ tall, muscular, blond hair and blue-eyed: every time he talked about superior and inferior people, all the ordinary Germans (shorter, fatter, or browner-haired) would have had to have felt inferior. Attack politics ONLY works when it’s full of lies, it’s about gathering up people’s shame and leading from there. Foley, of course, goes too far, but progressives don’t gain much in the long-run from mud-slinging, it just builds up the feelings of shame that power the current politics.

    Hypocrisy ruins progressives. It ruins honest conservatives. It doesn’t ruin the kinds of conservatives that are fomenting today… we basically need to become therapists when tackling the dittoheads and angry conservatives who spend all their time watching scandals. http://stephencataldo.livejournal.com/460.html