Peggy Noonan Finally Wakes Up?

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Apparently, Republicans are waking up with a bad hangover from their “absolute power” bender and discovering that (shocker!) they don’t like Bush. Why? Because he’s not really a conservative.

From Noonan comes a requiem for a lame duck

This is two weeks ago, from a Bush appointee: “I hope they lose the House.” And one week ago, from a veteran of two GOP White Houses: “I hope they lose Congress.” Republicans this year don’t say “we” so much.

What is behind this? A lot of things, but here’s a central one: They want to fire Congress because they can’t fire President Bush. […]

They see Mr. Bush as careless, and on more than Iraq–careless with old alliances, disrespectful of the opinion of mankind. “He never listens,” an elected official who is a Bush supporter said with a shrug some months ago. Along the way the president’s men and women confused the necessary and legitimate disciplining of a coalition with weird and excessive attempts to silence Republican critics. They have lived in a closed system. They now want to open it but don’t know how. Listening is a habit; theirs has long been to suppress.

And I guess speaking out has been a habit that she suppressed as well. After all, nothing is scarier than a Democrat running the country. Not even whatever Bush is supposed to be, because, you know…he cuts taxes…

Peggy, if you thought Bush was changing conservative values too much…you should have stayed home in 2004. And you should have had the strength enough, as a conservative with a very public platform, to tells others. But you didn’t. Your kind failed our country when you had the opportunity to call this guy out on his consistent, intellectually dishonest BS.

Too little too late Peggy.