The Case Of Bilal Hussein

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I had heard the name before on a few, right-wing blogs, and they all basically had an issue with photographers taking pictures of what the enemy was doing instead of stopping the acts they were perpetrating. One blogger even went so far as to call for Hussein’s death. …

A little more background…Hussein worked for the AP as a war photographer, and was subsequently accused by the military of helping some insurgents kidnap a couple journalists. The only problem is, once those journalists were rescued, they said Hussein was a hero.

Hussein has been detained since April without any charges. The AP wants to know why:

In interviews, the leaders of APME and the American Society of Newspaper Editors shared frustration with the case of Bilal Hussein and said they would urge the Pentagon to release the photographer, who has been held by the military since April, or to provide the AP with justification for his continued detention. The president of the Associated Press Photo Managers, Steve Gonzales, said in an e-mail that his group would sign onto that effort, saying it understands “the necessity of unbiased visual journalism in theaters of conflict.”

The AP similarly has called for the military to release the photographer or charge him with a crime.

And this has happened before. CBS cameraman Abdul Ameer Younis Hussein was detained…at Abu Ghraib no less…for over a year. He was released without charge.

Also, one other thing to note here…read that last sentence of the blockquote again. “The AP similarly has called for the military to release the photographer or charge him with a crime.” The AP is not looking for Hussein to walk if he’s been doing something illegal.

Six months is more than enough time to get some facts together and make a case against Hussein. The military hasn’t done that, and they should…or else they should release Hussein without charge.