Why Is The FEC Discriminating Against Unity 08?

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I just went surfing over to the Unity 08 site, as I do from time to time, and I found this:

The FEC, the very agency that oversees a system that allows obscene amounts of special interest money to flow in favor of the two major parties, ruled to place strict limits on the money Unity08 can raise! Specifically, the FEC put in place a strict $5,000 limit on any contribution to Unity08, but leaves the limits for the Democratic and Republican parties at $25,000 per contribution – that’s five times as much!

Of course, Unity08 had long ago voluntarily instituted a $5,000 cap as part of our promise to reduce the influence of money on politics. And as you know, Unity08 refuses to take money from corporations or special interests. So nothing about our operations will change.

But this decision shows that “Official Washington” has taken notice and has begun to mobilize to keep this movement of American voters from shaking things up!

Huh? Why would the FEC do this? I want their reasoning because, on its face, this decision seems to be pushing potential competition out of the way.

Then again, could the FEC have a good reason for this under current restrictions they already have?

In any event, the Unity 08 folks need to be a bit clearer as to why this went down.