An Electric Car Recharges In 10 Minutes?

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That’s the claim for this pretty cool looking “Sport Utility Truck.” And you can go 130 miles on that single charge. Not too shabby.

From TechEBlog:

Powered by the revolutionary Altairnano NanoSafe™ battery pack, Phoenix Motorcars’ zero-emission, all-electric Sport Utility Truck (SUT) can cruise on the freeway at up to 95 m.p.h. while carrying five passengers and a full payload.

The SUT has a low-cost maintenance schedule and will be introduced to fleet managers in early 2007. The company plans to produce at least 500 SUTs in 2007. […]

Phoenix is currently working on an expanded battery pack that will allow a 250 mile range, still permitting a 10 minute charge and available in late 2007.

But most importantly…what will it cost? And only 500 being made? Yikes.

Still, it’s a step in the right direction. Style and sustainability all in one. Gotta love that.