What’s Going Down In Iran?

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First, the US is apparently reversing their policy and talking to Iran and Syria.

That’s good…

The United States and the Iraqi government are launching a new diplomatic initiative to invite Iran and Syria to a neighbors meeting on stabilizing Iraq, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Tuesday.

“We hope that all governments seize this opportunity to improve their relations with Iraq and to work for peace and stability in the region,” Rice said in remarks prepared for delivery to a Senate committee. Excerpts were released in advance by the State Department. […]

“I am pleased to announce that we are also supporting the Iraqis in a new
diplomatic offensive: to build greater support, both within the region and beyond, for peace and prosperity in Iraq,” Rice said, adding that U.S. and Iraqi officials agree that success in Iraq requires the positive support of Iraq’s neighbors.

However, what about this troubling report from Seymour Hersh about the US funding Sunnis groups that are fighting against Shias? You’ve heard about this right?

Well, here’s Hersh talking to Wolf Blitzer about this brewing scandal.

Hey Congress! Time to start digging!