Elizabeth Edwards’ Cancer Is Incurable

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I respect that it’s a decision between John and Elizabeth, but this isn’t breast cancer. This is cancer in one of her ribs. And just so you know, bone cancer is really, really bad stuff. One of my great aunts had it, and she didn’t last very long after the prognosis. Of course, my great aunt was much older than Elizabeth, but “incurable” is certainly very grim.

Again I ask, should John continue his campaign?

From the AP:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) – Democrat John Edwards is forging ahead with his second bid for the presidency despite the sobering news that his wife, Elizabeth, is battling an incurable reappearance of cancer. […]

The recurrence of the cancer – this time on Elizabeth Edwards’ bone – presents a setback for the couple, both personally and politically. Elizabeth Edwards’ illness and treatment is certain to affect her husband’s presence in the early voting states and may raise questions about the viability of his campaign, especially with financial backers. The first fundraising deadline is fast approaching on March 31.

So I think the question needs to be asked, “Are they being realistic?”

But both said the cancer was treatable and that they would stick with their plans to campaign vigorously for the nomination.

“From our perspective, there was no reason to stop,” Edwards said. “I don’t think we seriously thought about it.”

Again, our thoughts and prayers are with Elizabeth during this incredibly difficult time. Here’s to a speedy recovery from this significant illness.

I’m not the only one questioning the decision. Time magazine weighs in as well

Instead, Edwards said nothing would change; his campaign would continue and Elizabeth would be by his side on the road. Elizabeth spoke about the importance of her husband’s campaign, how the country needs him to be president. Both said there was never a debate yesterday, as they were receiving the news about her condition, about whether he should drop out of the race. John said that when the two of them were alone, Elizabeth was concerned about everyone but herselfâ€â€?her children, her husband and her country, in that order, but not herself.

He clearly meant it to be inspiring, but there is also something discomfiting about that statement. Even more discomfiting was Edwards’ claim that by soldiering on while his wife has incurable cancer, he would be proving that he could deal with the pressures of being president. I wonder how voters will react to that sentiment.

[…] Edwards’ supporters, and surely many average Americans, have to be wondering at what point the candidate will decide that his duties as husband and father to three children, including a 6 and 8 year old, trump his duty to his country and the cause of winning the White House.

Time continues on about the political and personal realities of this situation.

I urge you to read the whole thing.