Shaquanda Cotton To Be Freed

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Well, there you have it. Shine a little sunlight onto the Shaquanda Cotton case and we can collectively turn things around.

From the Chicago Tribune:

HOUSTON — Shaquanda Cotton, the teenage black girl in the small east Texas town of Paris who was sent to prison for up to seven years for shoving a teacher’s aide, will be freed soon, a senior Texas legislator confirmed today.

“She is going to be freed, I know that for a fact, either today or sometime next week,” state Rep. Harold Dutton, chairman of the Texas legislature’s juvenile justice committee, told the Tribune. “I told [prison officials] I wanted her out of there immediately. When I learned about this case, I thought, this case just looks so bad and smells so bad it made me hurt.”

Looks so bad and smells so bad it made him hurt. As well it should. Because let’s not forget, she’s done almost a YEAR in juvenile. For pushing somebody. Disgusting.

But now the question is going to be what to do with the court system that brought down this grossly incompetent sentence? Especially since it appears that they were lying on their website about what Cotton said during hearings…

[Spokesoman for Lamar County District Atty. Gary Young,] Allan Hubbard also backed away from claims he and Young made earlier this week in numerous media interviews that the judge in the case, Lamar County Judge Chuck Supeville, had had no choice but to send the youth to prison because her mother had testified that she would not cooperate with probation officials had the judge sentenced her to probation.

On Thursday, Young’s official Web site contained this assertion: “This juvenile’s mother (Creola Cotton) told the judge she would not comply with conditions of probation.”

But a review of the full court transcript shows no such testimony. In fact, Creola Cotton repeatedly answered “yes” when asked in court whether she would comply with any conditions of probation that the judge might impose.

Today, after an inquiry about this discrepancy by the Tribune, the district attorney’s Web site was altered to read: “Through her actions of non-cooperation, Ms. Cotton told the judge she would not comply with conditions of probation.”

Seems like some people need to be fired over this, no?