Churches Help Manage Debt

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From the UPI:

LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 29 (UPI) — A growing number of churches and Christian radio stations say they have a rope to offer to the millions of Americans drowning in debt.

Programs being marketed in church circles offer a mix of budget planning, cost-cutting and debt management bolstered by the Bible, the New York Times reported Sunday.

Americans have run up non-mortgage debt of more than $2.4 trillion. So it makes sense to “scratch people where they itch,” said Dave Stone, the senior pastor at Southeast, a non-denominational church in Louisville, Ky., that attracts 18,000 people each weekend. “For a church not to provide some service for people who are suffocating from too much debt would be burying our head in the sand,” Stone said.

This is something we should have on a nationwide scale…minus the religion. After all, dysfunction with money breeds dysfunction in other areas of people’s lives. Comprehensive debt management should be made available to anybody who needs it, much like healthcare should be made available to anybody who needs it.