Congress Approval Below Bush’s

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The poll shows Bush at 33% and Congress at 29%.

Personally, I just think people are tired of politics and general, and because we can’t get out of Iraq, they’re laying the blame at the Congress’ door step.

I also think we should remember that when we say Congress, we’re also talking about a nearly even split between Dems and Repubs. This distinction is sometimes lost in this debate, as people on both the left and the right are calling the Dems, “Do Nothing.” Well, how long has it been now? Think we can give people a little time to try and get over the past 6 years and build bridges? Can you understand that the majority is razor slim?

Here’s what others are saying…

Captain’s Quarters:

The Democrats had better start producing something other than sound bites if they want to hang onto their majorities in 2008. The electorate has already grown tired of posturing, and their patience has run out on partisan games. We’re now at Day 100 for funding the troops, arguably the highest priority in national security, and we still don’t have a supplemental bill that can reach a broad consensus. We have no movement on the Democrats’ own agenda. It’s possibly the worst do-nothing Congress in memory — and the people have noticed.

The Gun Toting Liberal continues the “Do Nothing Dems” meme:

The Democrats had better wise up and give the People what we’ve demanded of them in exchange for our votes. There is no guarantee the People will leave the Dems in control of Congress much less appoint one to the Oval Office, so the time to actually start DOING something was yesterday, but the good news is, it is not too late for the Dems to bump their approval ratings through the roof by getting a LOT more serious about investigating criminal wrongdoings by the Republicans and their lobbyists, halting this ridiculous “war� (which has long ago been “won�, by the way) and impeaching the President who refuses to do the will of The People…

And then there’s Althouse:

So when the President is unpopular, we mainly don’t like what he’s doing. But when Congress is unpopular, it’s mainly because it’s Congress. Sometimes a few of us forget and think wow, Congress, and the number might get up to something like the 37% peak Congress hit this year when Congress was strutting around blabbing about its “mandate,” but then, some time passes, and we’re back to eh, Congress.

Still, note to Congress…it’s time to start playing nice together guys and gals. Otherwise, regardless of whether you’re a Repub or a Dem, you’re all gonna get the boot.