Republican Candidates Balking At YouTube Debate

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And you can bet that unless the format changes dramatically, it’s not going to happen. Apparently it’s not dignified enough for them and they think it’ll have a heavy liberal bias.


At issue are questions like the one asked by the snowman. That one in particular is being held up as a prime example of how silly and nonsensical the YouTube debate was. While not being my favorite question, it was certainly presented in a creative way, and isn’t that emblematic of the American spirit: creative, surprising and relevant? Isn’t that how we became a super power?

Rick Moran shares my thoughts…

These people want to be President of the United States! If they can’t stand up to a little tough questioning from Democratic partisans (CNN included) how in God’s name are they going to stand up to Ahmadinejad who I guarantee will feel a helluva lot more empowered come November, 2008 than a gay guy from New York asking about gay marriage!

In other words…grow a sack and take some questions that aren’t necessarily in a format you’re used to. Or do you not care about the 18-35 year old vote?

More from Moran…

The GOP is in crisis because it has no leadership, no agenda, and is failing the test of history. It’s principles have crashed on the shoals of expediency and arrogance. It insists on putting its social agenda front and center in the mistaken belief that Americans care more about preventing gay people from getting married then whether they’ll have a job in six months. Or how in God’s name we’re going to get out of Iraq without leaving a bloody mess.

Stay away from the debate and the American people will judge you cowards. The press will see to that. Stand up like men, take your lumps, give back as good as you get, don’t fear the unknown, and move forward.

GOPers…ask yourself…what would Reagan do?