Who Do You Trust? Apparently Not Romney.

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Gallup just conducted a recent poll about a few topics, and boy does Romney have some catching up to do. I guess the “empty suit” meme is sticking.

First Giuliani and McCain share the top slot, which could signal good news for the Straight Talker.

Now we move onto terrorism. Giuliani dominates because of his 9/11 status. Do note again how McCain sticks right up there with him.

No suprises on this next slide, but note that Giuliani is yet again tops on the Republican side.

And here’s the biggie. By all accounts, Romney is an extremely successful business man and the richest of all of the candidates by far.

And yet…


What this shows us is that Rudy is the one to beat, and the only one who looks like he’s close to beating him is actually John McCain.

Could the Repubs be backing a losing horse in Romney? After all, the guy has been out there for some months now and people know who he is. They’ve seen his commercials. They’re heard him speak at the debates. If after all this time he’s polling those “trust” numbers, his campaign better start doing something and quick.

Meanwhile, Real Clear Politics shows us that Rudy and Romeny are neck and neck in the key battlegrounds states of Iowa and New Hampshire, but in South Carolina Rudy dominates Romney.