Fred Thompson Interrupting a Questioner and Talking About BBQ

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Hello from South Carolina!! Yesterday I saw Fred Thompson at a BBQ restaraunt in Columbia named “Sticky Fingers”. (The sauce was amazing). Anyway, the former Senator from Tennessee explained why he is the “Clear Conservative Choice” and seemed pretty excited about the ribs. Towards the end of the appearance, he was a little annoyed by a question that seemed to go on for too long.

  • Jeff

    Fred Thompson is the best man for the country. If a Democrat is elected President, the stock markets will tank following election day, and then no one will be able to hire you because they will have lost too much money in the market.

  • Jeff

    Thompson is wrong, though, when he says that there are some well-meaning people running. Hillary Clinton is not well-meaning. She displays all the classic characteristics of a megalomaniac.

  • David

    The markets have always done better under democratic presidents, look it up. BTW, it sure is doing just great now, right genius?