Voters In Texas, Ohio, Vermont And Rhode Island Don’t Want Superdelegates To Decide It

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From CNN:

(CNN) — In what may be bad news for Clinton, Democrats across all four states overwhelmingly say they want super delegates to vote based on which candidate finishes ahead in the pledged delegate count at the end of the primary season.

Majorities of Democrats in Texas (62 percent), Ohio (61 percent), Rhode Island (57 percent) and Vermont (66 percent) all said the super delegates should cast their vote for the primary winner, not for who they think can best win in November.

The math simply does not work for Hillary on her road to the nomination, and the voters don’t favor her superdelegate strategy.

So what now?

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    What now?

    We begin the long slow process to educate the Democratic voters that pledged delegates are not one bit more democratic and have no more credibility than super delegates. If we work together, we can educate them and have a complete delegate free for all in Denver. I can’t wait.