Michelle Malkin Gives Me The Creeps

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Well, first off, you have to read this post where she mocks people who were trying to have one hour of no energy consumption around the world.

In response, she proposed the following…

  1. Cranking up your thermostats.
  2. Returning your CFLs.
  3. Protesting PETA’s animal cruelty and animal rights/environmental terrorism.
  4. Purchasing a carbon debit package.
  5. Informing your local public school teacher of Al Gore’s electric bill before he/she attempts to cram “An Inconvenient Truth” down your kid’s throat.
  6. Reproducing!
  7. Sending your favorite SUV-basher to visit The Concourse of Hypocrisy.
  8. And using as much toilet paper as you damned well please, guilt-free, while humming Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do:”

It’s amazing how she can’t seem to grasp that our collective energy consumption has contributed to us having to fight the WOT. That’s A1 on the list of why she gives me the creeps.

But to propose consuming more energy just to stick it to liberals? “Let’s destroy our planet so the liberals won’t win!” That’s not just creepy, it’s uber-creepy. How can somebody be so blindly partisan to propose something like that? Simply boggles my mind.

And yes, folks like Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy give me the creeps too.

Some think this is an Aprils Fool’s joke. And yes, I read that she wished everybody a happy April 1 and I get that she’s attempting to make it sound like she’s exaggerating.

But that’s the funniest part for me…because this sounds like stuff she’d normally say. And folks, you can’t say something is a joke if it falls in line with your ideology. Well, you can, but it reveals you to be a craven hack.

So who’s the joke on again?

  • mw

    Yeah. Her post was lame. But, in her defense [and Justin – I will never ever forgive you for making me write the words “in her defense”], she did finish that post with the words “Happy April 1”.

    Anyway, I am glad you read her, so I don’t have to.

  • Rich

    You just showed, in one shallow attempt, that liberals don’t have a sense of humor.

    All she did was point to some of the most lame-brained and hypocritical statements made by ultra-left nutjobs.

    Instead of laughing…or even engaging in a reasonable debate on your favorite enviro-issue, you just dismiss it all together by calling her a creep. That way you don’t have to confront the possibility that she might have a point. Nice job.

    Sorry for injecting a little reality into your insulated, self-absorbed, utopian cocoon you wrapped yourself in.

  • nelson

    I would have participated if Malkin protested Al Gore’s massive profits and hypocrisy from the Global Warming scam. He went from $2M in assets to $100-300M in ~7 years (2000-2007).

    “Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh—guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.”

  • gerryf

    OK, so it was an April Fool’s Day joke…she still creeps me out and I never even read her post. I’m not sure when it started, but it probably was around this time:

    Seriously, if that does not creep you out, then you lack the ability to be creeped out

  • gerryf

    Drat…that didn’t work…it was her cheerleader video…shudder

  • Hale

    Actually Rich, no, Michelle is always full of hate and vitrol. Today isn’t an exception to the rule. Perhaps somewhere in her quest to attempt to make herself a big deal through the internet and hate rhetoric she lost touch with her soul.

  • Doug

    That is the funny part of it. Some of us are so quick to accept the “All conservatives are so evil they eat their children” line of thought, that we can’t distinguish between actual, thoughtful conservative values and over-the-top rhetoric.

    Her suggestions here mimic what some of us think she actually believes, when in reality, her actual positions are nowhere near these.

    This is very similar to a liberal posting an April fools that they would like to release all terrorists and outlaw any mention of God by a public official. Many unthinking conservatives would have the same reaction as many of you did here: That isn’t a joke! That is what they really want to do!

    But, as we well know, hardly any liberals want to actually do those two things. Certainly less than 50%.

    (And yes, that was more humor)

  • Jim S

    Why should we care what a Tennessee right wing group that tries to pretend to be non-partisan says about Gore?

  • Rob

    I agree with Michelle on almost everything. I realize we have let too many mexicans in now, and I guess we are just screwed, but it was a nice country for awhile, huh?

  • james addison

    In regard to Michelle Malkin and the “too many Mexicans issue”, perhaps we let too many Filipinos in.