Wisconsin Democratic Delegate To Vote For McCain?

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Given how contentious the primary was, I understand why former Clinton supporters would vote for McCain.

However…a delegate?

From JS Online:

“I’m sure people are going to be upset with me,” said [Debra] Bartoshevich, a 41-year-old emergency room nurse from Waterford in Racine County, and convention delegate pledged to Clinton. […]

Bartoshevich called herself a “devoted Democrat” who had never voted for a Republican for president.

“I’m on a lot of the (pro-Clinton) blogs, and so many people, male and female, feel the same way as I do,” said Bartoshevich, who was listed as a Racine County co-chair for the Clinton campaign and who traveled outside Wisconsin to volunteer for Clinton. “The Democrats jumped on this wagon of Barack Obama, and nobody really knows him.”

So Bartoshevich is a devoted Democrat, but she’ll be voting against her interests come this fall?

I guess I have to wonder if these voters sincerely think Obama is that much of a question mark. After all, he has 4 more years of legislative experience than Clinton, was able to build a campaign machine from scratch that made hers look hapless and his general election ground game promises to be even more impressive.

Honestly, I don’t think Bartoshevich thought this one through, because within days of hearing her decision, Wisconsin Dems acted…

At the state Democratic Party convention, party members, including Clinton supporters, unanimously passed a resolution asking the national party not to seat Bartoshevich at the Denver convention. […]

Another pledged Clinton delegate, Paula Dorsey of Milwaukee, offered the resolution.

Dorsey said trying to expel her fellow Democrat from the party’s convention “hurts my soul and it hurts my heart,” but it is the party’s presumptive nominee, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), whom convention delegates must support.

I’m seeing more and more of these stories pop up on both sides. Recently, Colin Powell has said he’s going to have a tough choice in the fall. And then there are Dems lawmakers who say they won’t endorse Obama…but they’ll still vote for him. And then there are conservative commentators like Armstrong Williams, who may switch and back Obama.

The thing is…these are probably just blips. In the end, most Dems will vote for Obama, most Republicans will vote for McCain, and the Independent vote will be divided fairly evenly. But if 9% more of the electorate identify themselves as Democrats than Republicans, it’s McCain who’ll have an uphill battle.

  • krabbie

    Give Debra her walking papers. Democrat, I think not. Gender biased by her, I think so. Hope she will be a former Democrat and not show her face at any Democratic function. And after that maybe she will work for McCains’ next appointment to the Supreme Court? Or maybe his appointment to all of the cabinet that has to deal with Equal Rights for Women? Gee, she will be among friends indeed. Maybe she will shoulder up to the supressors of women there in the Repulican “Big Tent” Good luck to you. Go Obama

  • usamastermind

    Dear Mr. Dean:

    We so much supported and contributed to the best candidate to be president, no matter what parties that person is. Hillary is the one, we all think best represent us as Commander in Chief. But the DNC, again make a big mistake in choosing a best qualified candidate for Democratic Party. Our family members , friends, co- workers are still come up with the only issue that we will contribute to the BEST candidate for now. AND we think John McCain is BEST FOR NOW.


    Kenneth Family

  • http://itsthe21stcenturystupid.wordpress.com/ Jim S

    The DNC did not choose Obama. The rules that existed before the campaign started, combined with the primary and caucus voters expressing their will made Obama the Democratic nominee. When someone who says they are a Democrat and were/are a strong supporter of Clinton now says they think McCain is the better candidate I wonder exactly what criteria they are using.

  • Shocked at the kenneth family

    So you think McCain is better than Obama but that hillary is better than both of them? Oh what planet are any of hillary’s thoughts/policies/etc. any where near McCain’s? hillary and Obama match on policies almost exactly and on the ones they differ [like healthcare] she goes further than Obama which is even further away from McCain’s.

    It’s your right to support whoever you want [I for example felt Ron Paul was best to solve this countries problems] but I recommend using your brain when you vote and not just emotions.

  • Rick Cain

    Some say the Democrats and Republicans are all the same. Well after 8 years of the Bush Regime if a person still believes that they need psychiatric help.

    Send Debra packing, and give her the phone number of a good psychiatrist.

  • Michael

    “Some say the Democrats and Republicans are all the same. Well after 8 years of the Bush Regime if a person still believes that they need psychiatric help.”

    For me, it was eight years of Bush that confirmed these suspicions.

  • http://stubbornfacts.us/ Tully

    *So Bartoshevich is a devoted Democrat, but she’ll be voting against her interests come this fall?*

    The basic error is assuming that there’s only one type of Democrat, that anyone registered as a Democrat must of necessity be an Obama voter in preference to being a McCain voter. You don’t hold the party together (much less grow it) by kicking out anyone who fails to worship the messiah of the moment.

  • Linda

    In one article Bartoshevich said:

    “No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her — that’s by Susan B. Anthony,” said Bartoshevich, referring to the suffragist.

    The above statement is not logical. McCain has voted against many/most women’s issues.

    In an article Bartoshevich said:

    Encouraged by her sister, who has served in Iraq, Bartoshevich signed up as a supporter with “Citizens for McCain,” an arm of the campaign targeting Democrats and independents. She said she got a call from the McCain campaign, which then provided her name to a reporter.

    Bartoshevich’s statement about the war is in direct opposition to Hillary Clinton’s position of withdraw.

    In an article Bartoshevich said:

    And, Kukowski said, Obama wants to double the tax on capital gains, which would be paid by “250,000 families making under $50,000 a year.” He also wants to tax energy and small business, which are critical to Wisconsin’s economy, she added.

    I have not taken the time to verify the accuracy for the above statement; however, it seems to me that most people making less than $50,000 will not have capital gains. The overall tax rate will go down for individuals making under $200,000. The lower the income the more the tax rate goes down. See a comparison of Obama and McCain’s tax plan:


  • Tom in California

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! Debra Bartoshevich is the stupidest rat imaginable, because this rat is climbing ONTO a sinking ship! McCain and the Republicans are going down in flames this year. If Bartoshevich thinks she’d like to go along for the ride, welcome to it!