Eat! Eat! Eat! & Always Stay Thin! With Tape Worms!

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My friends, this is why there’s no such thing as a true free market. :-)


(Update: I mistakenly put the image in the wrong tag so it didn’t show up…so I’m sure this post made absolutely NO sense. My apologies. Fixed.)

  • http://www.haikureviewer.com Haiku Reviewer

    Yuck! Especially the ‘Easy to Swallow!’ tagline…I’m off for a Big Mac!

  • Adam Geldersma

    Geez, I don’t know. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea. It would certainly help solve the obesity epidemic. It would also eliminate personal responsibility for maintaining a proper diet.

  • http://raincoaster.com raincoaster

    I love that the ad on this one is “Pick McCain’s VP.”

  • MilkThistleGenus

    Does sanitized mean still alive?

  • Stego

    Yanno, Sometimes thinking outside of the box may be necessary to get things done. Sure: Its a parasite. Barasites Bad! Or so we’ve been told. Beef tapeworms appear to be the least damaging to humans, but it apparently is “Easily Transmittable”. Fortunately most people wash hands afterwards, so it would be interesting to see how this works if it were to be reintroduced.

    I thought at one time there a weight cure where one would take two pills every week or so: One pill, unbeknowingst to the public, contains tapeworm larvae. The other would kill the tapeworm. The problems started happening when people would take one pill, notice the weight loss, and not take the second pill because the first was working so well.

  • http://penonblack.blogspot.com aaron

    My seventh grade science teacher had this poster up in his room…

  • Crowbar

    Note that it states in the bottom-left corner that there are “no ill effects.” Apparently, when a tapeworm has been living inside you long enough, segments of it start to appear in your faeces. Not ill enough, hmm?

  • Alli

    Am I missing something here? No diets, no exercise, no BATHS? Jeez, had I known baths could reduce weight, I’d take em instead of showers.

  • Frank

    FAKE. Spoof. Phony nostalgia.

  • Jason

    Unfortunately tape worms don’t work that way. Take any class in parasitology (usually taught with Microbiology) and you learn all it takes to keep a 25 foot long tapeworm well fed is one extra table spoon of food. So not only is this pretty disgusting, but it also doesn’t work. Although many studies have shown intestinal parasites may prevent allergies, but really, is it worth it?

  • Me


    “aaron Says:

    July 21st, 2008 at 12:06 am
    My seventh grade science teacher had this poster up in his room…”

    What were you doing in your seventh grade teacher’s bedroom in the first place????

  • http://www.fractalontology.com Joe

    Jesus christ.

  • Sean Breeden

    Off for a Big Mac, eh? So you like getting your tapeworms the old fashioned way…

  • evan miller

    this is not real.

  • http://penonblack.com aaron

    Right. “Room” as in “Classroom.” Har har.

    “Me Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 6:21 am


    “aaron Says:

    July 21st, 2008 at 12:06 am
    My seventh grade science teacher had this poster up in his room…”

    What were you doing in your seventh grade teacher’s bedroom in the first place????”

  • http://www.marketingprinciples.co.uk Sarah

    There is no such thing as sanitized… I cannot believe they did this back then. Problem with tapeworms are that they grow within you and eat everything… if you do not keep eating to feed them, then they get restless and start twisting…which results in a sharp pain in your stomach. It’s not exactly healthy and imagine everytime you go for a poo some of it may come out. 😛 Sorry to say, but this is the truth… ugly and yet fact.

  • http://www.wearelava.com Lead Generation

    Wow – is this for real?! How do they sanitize them? And as for the idea of them ‘getting restless’…I just lost my appetite!!

  • castillo0275

    There comes nothing good about having a tape worm inside of your body!!! Tyra had a show done about them a couple months ago, and the doctor that appeared in the show to talk about them, said that they can do more harm than good to your body!! Some people think that it will be easy and that you will be able to get rid of them when you want, but it is not always like that!!! Tape worm can work themselves throughout your body and reach your brain. If that were to happen, they can start feeding from your brain, which would cause you to die!!!

  • Strip That Fat Butt

    There was recently a show on Opera about using Tape worms to loose weight. I don’t think I can bring my self to eat some tape worm eggs..I can’t image having a full grown tape worm inside me.. What if I forgot about it until it was like a full grown adullt worm. Image tring to poop that one out… LOL!

  • Jamz Products

    So much for lunch