Edwards Cost Clinton the Nomination?

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Hillary Clinton’s former communication director, Howard Wolfson, is claiming that the media’s failure to uncover/disclose John Edwards’ affair cost Clinton the nomination. In Wolfson’s thinking, if Edwards had dropped out before Iowa, Clinton would have won that state and then cruised to the nomination.

Man, those Clinton supporters are bitter, aren’t they? Obama put up a lot of wins after Edwards dropped out, so I think it’s odd that Wolfson would think Edwards voters would have naturally gravitated to Clinton rather than to Obama. Without Edwards in the race, Obama would have likely still won Iowa.

Additionally, given that Clinton’s husband ran for the presidency while lying about his affair with Gennifer Flowers, I don’t think anyone in the Clinton camp should get too high-and-mighty about Edwards’ affair and his decision to keep the matter private.

John McCain must be loving the continued whining coming from Clinton supporters.