Megan McArdle On Palin’s “Truthiness” Tendencies

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The libertarian blogger is certainly no fan of Obama, but she’s puzzled as to why Sarah is pushing stuff that’s easily disproven…

Why is Sarah Palin lying about having gone off teleprompter? People I trust have spoken to people who were there, and if she went off teleprompter, she somehow nonetheless managed to deliver exactly the remarks that she handed out to the press beforehand.

What I don’t get about this lie is the pointlessness. I expect politicians to lie. But I expect them to tell the standard sort of lies about how they will give us all $5 solar cars by 2010, and never, ever sleep with their staff. This seems like some sort of bizarre compulsive disorder.

It has been a little over two weeks and we’ve been told stories that didn’t add up on the Bridge To Nowhere, selling the plan on eBay, TrooperGate, earmarks and now this teleprompter myth.

McArdle asks at the end of her post, “Am I missing something?” and I have to agree. Why do this with stuff that’s so easily disproven? True, TrooperGate isn’t an easy story, and Palin recently released documents that very well could exonerate her, but as to all the other pieces of the puzzle that make up the Palin picture…did McCain realize that many of them just aren’t fitting?