Oklahoma City Thunder is NOT OK

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Formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics, the now super-lame “OKC Thunder” have unveiled their new name and colors of blue, red, and orange. The title is fitting for a state known for dust storms and tornadoes. Just like Tatum Bell stole Rudi Johnson’s luggage while claiming “I Ain’t No Thief,” Clay Bennett straight up stole the Seattle Supersonics.

Bennett should take a cue and learn by heart Tatum Bell’s eloquent “I Ain’t No Thief”- it will come in handy. The real loser here though is not the city of Seattle but anyone who was forced by this thievery to relocate from Seattle to Oklahoma City. I am so, so sorry. Oklahoma City Thunder? Well at least we still have the Seattle Storm. I will take the rain any day.

  • Start Making Sense

    sure, but let’s not forget the fact that HOMEBOY Howard Schultz made the theft possible! dude was basically the KEY LOOKOUT. whether he knew he was gettin’ PLAYED or not is irrelevant: he WATCHED OVER the heist. therefore, the dude’s EQUALLY GUILTY. scratch that… he’s MORE GUILTY, given his additional crime of TREASON. consequently, any discussion of this bit of NBA thievery *must* mention HOWARD THE SCHMUCK.

  • bob fitch

    The new unis are awful. They look like D-League jerseys. I can’t believe they would move a franchise with so much history and connection to the city. I remember the days of Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp, Detlef, and Vin Baker in his prime. Now, it’s just crap.