Dick Morris’ Crazy Electoral Map

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Arkansas solidly blue?

Arizona and Tennessee leaning Obama?

Louisiana, Georgia and South Carolina now toss ups?

Take a peek into the weird little corner of the blogopshere that is Dick Morris’ electoral predictions…

Want to know the real reason why Morris did this?

To push the McCain comeback meme…

If the election took place this week, it would be a wipeout of major proportions. Even McCain‘s home state of Arizona has to be classified as leaning toward Obama. McCain, as of now, can be certain of carrying just eight states with a combined total of only 36 electoral votes.

But the campaign has three weeks to run. If the financial crisis begins to settle down, and voters can take a good look at the man they are about to elect president, there is still time and a real chance for a major swing back to McCain. It looks like the campaign 2008 roller coaster still has several more turns to make, before the historic ride is over.

He knows very well that his map doesn’t represent realistic numbers, so once McCain gains back a few states from the tossup column in the coming weeks it will represent the “major swing back to McCain” that he’s talking about.

Hacktackular stuff…my friends.