McCain Goes After Obama on Taxes

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Well, I think we all saw this coming.

Looks like after “Barack Obama is a vapid celebrity” lost gas and “Obama is a terrorist’s best friend” turned more people off than it excited, John McCain is reaching for the oldest Republican attack in the book: ”He’ll raise your taxes.”

McCain set this up in the last debate and is now following through on the campaign trail. I’m sure he’ll win a few people over who don’t understand Obama’s plan and are generally suspicious of a man from a party known for the “tax-and-spend” policies of yesteryear. But despite the problems with Obama’s tax plan, the Democrat has so repeatedly pledged to lower the taxes of 95% of Americans that McCain has to accuse Obama as lying OR he has to make the rather complicated argument that Obama’s tax-credit reliant plan is fundamentally flawed and will end up causing more problems than it’ll solve.

This probably is McCain’s best hope of gaining ground before the election. But the inherent complexity of tax policy and the desire for sound-bite ready campaigning is driving McCain to oversimplify and downright deceive in order to make his larger point – and Obama’s campaign will pounce on those obfuscations which will in turn be reported in the media and diminish the effectiveness of McCain’s attack.

I think Obama has done a superb job of inoculating himself against the “he’ll raise your taxes” attack and I think McCain has come to this issue too late to put up a comprehensive attack and a coherent alternative.