Newsweek: 2012 Republican Front Runners Are…

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Yes, Palin’s on the list, but she ranks third behind Romney and Huckabee. And with a field like that, does she really think she can overcome the perceptions that have formed about her during this election cycle?

From Newsweek:

If John McCain is not elected president, which one of the following three possible candidates would you be most likely to support for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012?

Romney: 35%
Huckabee: 26%
Palin: 20%

Interesting numbers, right? And certainly not unexpected.

But check out how the numbers break out when we look at the preferences between Traditional Republicans and Social Issue Republicans…

Traditional Republicans
Romney: 42%
Huckabee: 23%
Palin: 19%

Social Issue Republicans
Huckabee: 31%
Romney: 30%
Palin: 23%

What does this tell me? Palin doesn’t have a chance. Huckabee will take Iowa again and Romney will take New Hampshire. And what state’s left for her to build momentum? South Carolina? Not likely. Huckabee will easily out “folk” her during the debates.

And ultimately, I think the Traditional Republicans are going to try and reclaim their party in 2012. So that doesn’t leave her any room to make a serious bid.

One last data point…Republicans apparently want her to run for President in 2012 by 44% to 38%. Preference break out like this…

Traditional Republicans
Yes: 42%
No: 40%

Social Issue Republicans
Yes: 52%
No: 34%

Interestingly enough, Huckabee better try and convince her to not run because she’ll doom his chances.

Still, it’s best Sarah sits the next one out and focuses on 2016. That is, if she even wants the job.