Poll: Obama Up 9 In Virginia

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Obama – 52%
McCain – 43%

Want to know how stable Obama’s lead is at this point? Look no further than Virginia. Public Policy Polling ran the numbers back in the early part of October at the numbers were 51 to 43 in favor of Obama.

Virginia’s going blue this election. Count on it.

Some demographic highlights…

  • He leads 48 to 39 with independents.
  • Democrats support Obama 89 to 8. Republicans support McCain 88 to 10.
  • McCain captures white voters 53 to 42, but would need a 60 to 40 split to win.
  • New voters who didn’t vote in 2004 support Obama 61 to 24.
  • 59% of voters say the economy is their top issue. Obama leads among this group 63 to 32.

If you want to see all the crosstabs, check out the poll here.