2008 Turnout Virtually Identical To 2004 Turnout

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Two days ago I asked the question “Where are the 130M votes?”

Well, it seems like my basic math skills beat the predictions.

2004 Vote Total: 121,069,054
2008 Vote Total: 122,145,887

That’s a far cry from the projections of 130M+ we were told on Wednesday, and even with all the absentee and provisional ballots floating around out there, I doubt we’ll see any total larger than 123M.

The reason why Obama won by 7% is that he was able to turn out a lot more Dems and voters who had never gone to the polls. So it was basically 2004 again, only the Get-Out-The-Vote brilliance was on the side of the Dems. Looks like McCain could have used a little more Karl Rove in his GOTV efforts.

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