ANP: Philadelphia Democrats Continue to Eat their own, Treat Registered Voters as if Unregistered

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Danielle, here!

I’m back in Philly, my home away from home, sitting in a swanky hotel lobby, facing a wall, like a crazy person, in order to borrow wireless. And I’ve just published a piece for ANP.

Here’s the scoop…

Today, registered voters in Philly found their names missing from local poll books, which are apparently notorious for being out of date. When those names were checked with the central database, they were verified as registered. Nevertheless, according to election observers in the campaigns and independent of the campaigns, the local election board decided to assign provisional ballots to these voters, which means that their votes probably won’t be counted this evening. If the election is close in Pennsylvania, that’ll make a substantial difference.

This is, yet again, the responsibility of the Philadelphia City Commissioners’ office, led by Marge Tartaglione. Democrats in Philly have a curious way of eating their own..Click here for ANP’s previous coverage of voting in Philly.

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