Minnesota Board Rejects Franken’s Absentee Appeal

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I just posted about this a few minutes ago, and then this update pops up…

Minnesota’s Canvassing Board voted unanimously to reject Franken’s request to include thousands of absentee ballots that are not included in the recount in the Minnesota senate race between the Democratic challenger and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

The Canvassing Board, which oversees the recount, stressed during a hearing today, that they weren’t rejecting the merits made by Franken’s attorneys. The panel also indicated that the fight over the exclusion of the absentee ballots from the recount will most likely land in court. Some 12,000 absentee ballots were rejected from the initial vote count because of technicalities and errors.

The supermajority dream is beginning to wane, and for that I think we can all be thankful. The Dems don’t need unlimited power when trying to build a more unified government. Best to be a few seats shy so they’ll have to work across the aisle to convince moderate Repubs to join them. That’ll give the GOP some needed leverage to make sure red America is represented when legislation comes up for a vote.

But then there’s always 2010…

  • Jake

    As a Democrat, I guess I dislike Coleman just a little more than Franken, though both equally make bad Senators. Regardless of how this turns out, gone are the Lake Woebegone days of warm intellect in chilly climes.

    N. Silver’s statistics and legal recourses about the disputed ballots lend hope to Franken, but the guy’s SNL roles never made me laugh much, and without any discernable gravitas, what else would Franken bring to the Senate floor?


  • Dennis

    Gee, I forgot just how many Republican Senators are up for re-election in 2010. Hopefully we can remove half of them. People are charged up and not taking politicans crap anymore. Representatives in Washington need to do their job or resign. In case the politicans forgot, their job is to represent their constitutients. That’s why their own personal beliefs and opinions are irrelevant. I’ve personally written my representative and asked him basically, “Who gives an eff what your think? What do your constitutients want?”

  • Rick Cain

    I think a lot of people think Franken doesn’t know anything about politics. Considering he has written comedy about politics for decades, I think he has a very good idea of how the crazy world of politics works. You can’t write about something if you don’t know your topic.