Illinois General Assembly to Vote on Special Election

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For some reason, the Illinois General Assembly doesn’t think Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is qualified to choose Barack Obama’s replacement for U.S. Senate. So, the Assembly is beginning a special session next week to vote on holding a special election to fill Obama’s vacant seat until 2010.

Blagojevich would have the power to veto a bill establishing a special election. But the General Assembly could then override the veto. If Blagojevich appointed someone before the special election was held, the U.S. Senate could refuse to seat the person. Got all that? Thank the terminally corrupt state of Illinois for the civics lesson.

The faster Blagojevich gets out of office and into a jail cell, the better.

  • Steve

    Well, how’s he supposed to get his effing money now???!!

    So inconsiderate . . .

  • Trescml

    Knowing Blagojevich he is trying to get a deal to offer his resignation.