Majority Of GOP Governors Back Stimulus

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While the Repubs in the House are all saying no to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, their counterparts in the state houses are singing a much different tune.

From AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Most Republican governors have broken with their GOP colleagues in Congress and are pushing for passage of President Barack Obama’s economic aid plan that would send billions to states for education, public works and health care.

Their state treasuries drained by the financial crisis, governors would welcome the money from Capitol Hill, where GOP lawmakers are more skeptical of Obama’s spending priorities. […]

This past week the bipartisan National Governors Association called on Congress to quickly pass the plan.

“States are facing fiscal conditions not seen since the Great Depression — anticipated budget shortfalls are expected in excess of $200 billion,” the NGA statement said. “Governors … support several key elements of the bill critical to states-increased federal support for Medicaid and K-12 and higher education; investment in the nation’s infrastructure; and tax provisions to spur investment.”

And when I say a majority of GOP govs, I’m talking about Palin and Crist. So apparently this legislation isn’t radioactive enough for potential 2012 candidates to ask for their slice of the pie.

Listen, I’m fine with the legislation being revised to including more infrastructure spending and cut out some of the more controversial measures (i.e. bi-partisanship), but as to whether or not the stimulus bill should be passed? That I’m pretty set on. These Republican Governors know the dire straits their states are in and it’s clear they’re trying to bypass their House counterparts so they can make sure they don’t have to fire cops, teachers, etc. to make budgetary ends meet.

More as it develops…