Only 5 Red States Left? Pfft…Keep Dreaming Dems

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That was the buzz yesterday.

In fact, the numbers guy himself Nate Silver pointed to a Gallup post today that shows a surprising picture when looking at party ID.

That’s right Dems! Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and South Carolina are turning blue!

Now, to be fair to Nate, he was skeptical, but didn’t say what I think is pretty obvious: this is nonsense.

Take a look at the % spread below for the states I listed above and how Dems actually lost support in Arkansas and Louisiana.

I’m not saying that Dems don’t have a shot at narrowing the gap in some of these locales in 2012, but to suggest that Oklahoma, which gave McCain 460,000 more votes in a total pool of 1.4 million votes, is somehow leaning Dem now?

No way, no how.

Moving on…