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“The original intelligence was wrong, no question about it. But there were parts of it that were right. It wasn’t 100 percent wrong. It was correct in saying he had the technology. It was correct in saying he still had the people who knew how to build weapons of mass destruction. I think it was also correct in the assessment that once sanctions came off, he would go back to doing what he had been doing before.”
– Dick Cheney on Face The Nation today.

So let’s just get this clear once and for all…

By Cheney’s standard, the US could invade every single one of our enemies because they “know” how to build weapons of mass destruction and they “could” build them if given enough time. And that’s just crazy.

The refreshing part in all of this? Cheney actually admitted that the “original” intelligence was wrong. You know, the stuff that he and his neo-cons cherry picked and presented as the very best, top shelf info?

Goodbye Dick.