Limbaugh Gives Jindal Cover

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Looks like Rush really thinks that Jindal could be the guy to lead conservatives out of the wilderness. Otherwise he never would have gone this far out on a limb to defend such an indefensible performance.

I wonder if we’ll start to see some backtracking about Jindal’s speech from the right-wing media after Limbaugh’s call to arms. Because if so, Rush has a lot more pull than I thought.

  • Agnostick

    Amazing how Rush manages to describe himself in the first 30 seconds of this video (really, say :24-:33). Foaming-at-the-mouth reactionary.

    I can’t wait until this clown finally does himself in. We just have to be patient and wait…

    Jindal will be okay, as will anyone who has the capacity to learn from their mistakes. I actually look forward to seeing what Jindal brings to the table in four or five years. I certainly see more capacity for growth in him than, say, Palin.

    “Mean-spirited?” “Heartless?” Really, El Rushbo? ROFLMAO!!!


  • http://www.phuckpolitics.com phuckpolitics

    It amazes me how powerful this man has become.