What A Difference A Speech Makes

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Gallup had Obama’s numbers dipping below 60% on Tuesday, the first time that happened since his inauguration.

Today his approval rating is 67%. Not only that, his disapproval has dipped too.

So before the speech he was looking at a +34 approval spread. Now it’s +46.

But that’s the not the most shocking stat.

Apparently, his approval jumped by 15 points among Republicans after the speech?

I think this is a combo of a couple things.

First, Obama was able to explain the situation we’re in and the steps we need to take to get out of it better than anybody I’ve seen to date. And Americans responded to his clarity, poise and forcefulness. That was definitely a speech for the ages.

Second, Jindal’s response was flat out bankrupt. Forget the style, the ideas just rang hollow for most folks, and that apparently includes a rather significant swath of Republicans.

Put those two together and you have a perfect storm for getting Obama’s ambitious budget passed in short order.

More as it develops…