Gallup: Geithner With 42% Approval

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And 40% disapprove.

That leaves 18% who have no opinion. So, theoretically, if he split the undecideds he’d have 51% approval. Not bad for all the shots he’s been taking.

And, as expected, the Independent voter provides the balance between Dems and Repubs…

Here’s the thing…it seems like we saw numerous government officials get rock bottom approval ratings over the past 8 years who clearly failed in their duties and they didn’t have nearly as much pressure on them to resign this early into their tenure. And all the while they displayed the type of devil-may-care attitude that should have gotten them fired a couple times over.

And yes, Geithner may have had an early slip up when he was roundly criticized for not providing enough detail in the first go around (enough though he said it was a blueprint), but his plans have remained roughly the same and last week the markets applauded.

So please, let’s lay off the “Should Geithner resign?” questions. Or, better yet, talk to me in a year and see where we’re at. Because that should be enough time to gauge whether or not his plans have been effective.